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Six Ways for Seniors to Spring into Action this Spring!

With the lengthening days, the warmer weather, and all of nature bursting to life, there is something about the spring season which gives us the enthusiasm to get up and start moving our bodies again. Regular exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and depression, it...

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Five Ways Older People can Celebrate Easter!

The first few green shoots in the yard, buds starting to burst open and bird song in the trees are all signals that spring is on its way, hopefully bringing sunshine, longer days and of course, Easter celebrations. Easter is a great time to share with the whole...

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How do I Speak to My Parents About Installing a Home Elevator?

If your parents are approaching the age where you think they might require help moving around the home, here is some advise about how to start speaking to your folks about how a home elevator can improve their lives. Start discussions early Start talking earlier than...

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Why Looking After the Grandchildren is Actually Good for You

Now the holidays are over and January is here, you might be looking for ways to brighten the dark days and trying to work out how to keep fit and healthy. According to new research the answer is perhaps not as complicated or off-putting as you might think. New...

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How to Stay Active and Keep Your Body Moving this Winter

The days are getting shorter and we are losing daylight hours at this time of year, but make a plan, now, to keep active this winter as your body and mind will both benefit from it, enormously, in the end. Getting active does not mean turning into an athlete...

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Five Ways to Save Before the Holidays Begin!

With Christmas fast approaching, and all the little extras on the shopping list mounting up, it can become an expensive time of year. Here are five ways in which seniors can save some money this holiday season. Make the most of our top tips from the Lifton Home...

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Top 5 Activities to Do This Fall for Seniors

While it may be disheartening to say goodbye to warm, summer days, there is plenty of fun activities for seniors to look forward to this fall. In many parts of the USA, Autumn is the most picturesque time of the year, with blue skies, frosts and an abundance of warm,...

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Five Ways for Older People to Stay Independent at Home

People of the older generation understandably want to stay and live independently at home for as long as possible. Here are five ways to keep living the life you have chosen and enjoy it to the fullest. 1. Focus on Fitness Keeping fit is important at all stages of...

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Need a Home Elevator but Cannot Compromise on Design?

The guiding principal when designing the Lifton Home Elevator was to ensure that the same level of attention to detail was driven into the look and feel of the residential elevator as the technical performance. The result - an outstanding home lift which is admired...

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How Safe Is A Residential Elevator From Lifton?

Residential elevators are becoming an increasingly common sight in homes across the USA. Quality of life is greatly improved with the installation of a residential elevator. Older Americans can stay in their homes for as long as they choose whilst keeping their...

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