A residential elevator is the perfect solution for those experiencing difficulties with mobility around the home or problems climbing the stairs. At Lifton home elevators, the brand has seen the huge uplift of customers seeking our state-of-the-art products.

Specializing in attractive and elegantly designed home elevators, the team at Lifton considers why customers are drawn to stylish and luxury residential elevators over more basic models and discuss what extra benefits there might be for customers.

Good looking

Every elevator in the Lifton home elevator range has been designed with aesthetics front of mind, making sure that although they are as safe and easy to use as possible, they are also elegant and perfect to fit into any home. Running on two discreet vertical rails the elevator car is sleek and capsule-shaped, with attractive downlights, and transparent panels. The small motor is built into the casing on top of the elevator car, neatly hidden away.

With a neutral color palette, Lifton home elevators compliment any style of décor, from classical to modern. Customers choose Lifton, knowing that their elevator will blend in with their property, rather than standing out as a mobility aid.


For those wishing to add a real wow factor to their home, a residential elevator such as the slimline LiftonDUO home elevator can be the luxurious installation to create a focal point that gets everyone talking. These residential elevators are compact enough to be installed nearly anywhere within the home, tucked away in a closet, or for those wanting to show it off, center stage in the entrance hall. The fact that it also works as a practical aid for mobility becomes secondary to the fact that it is the showstopping feature of the home.

Add value

It is well documented that realtors have said that adding an elevator can increase the value of a property. Unlike ungainly stair lifts, or more basic clunky home elevators which can put off prospective buyers, a residential elevator is seen as an asset within a property. The more attractive the lift and seamlessly integrated within the home, the more it is likely to add value. A well-positioned elevator can complement a property’s layout and can add a level of convenience for the entire household. A home lift from Lifton simply feels like a home upgrade that benefits everyone.