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Home elevators and residential elevators which are designed for high living

Lifton Home Elevators have a strong aesthetic sensibility but – these residential elevators are not just designed in incredibly good taste – the home lifts are also a masterclass in innovation.

Re-imagine, reconsider and rework how you move around your home. The range of residential elevators by Lifton are fast, smooth and elegant. Working with, not against, your personal style, these home lifts are compact with a curved profile and lit with LED down lights.

The Lifton Home Elevator is built to discreetly slot into neat spaces and can be located in the corner of a room, the void of a turning staircase or even a closet. To learn more about how a Lifton residential elevator can transform your home, get in touch with us today for your free brochure, or request a callback at a time of your convenience.

Moving on up: Rising above the rest with the LiftonDUO Home Elevator

The LiftonDUO Home Elevator accommodates two passengers. Its intelligent technology brings the future to your home. This residential elevator is safe, quiet, fast and energy efficient – plugging straight into a standard, domestic power socket. The LiftonDUO benefits from a compact footprint measuring less than 7sq of surface area – including the rails – meaning the elevator lift can fit almost anywhere within the home – from living area to master suite, from closet to closet or even in the turning of a turning staircase.

Brilliant engineering: Access all areas with the LiftonTRIO Home Elevator

The LiftonTRIO Home Elevator is the very first home lift of its kind specifically engineered to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair. Modular, versatile, luxurious and stylish, the LiftonTRIO residential elevator breaks new ground with its spacious cabin and smooth ride. This home lift comes with convenient hold-to-run controls and gently sloping access ramp. Choose the thru-car option with entry and exit points on both sides for maximum maneuverability. The LiftonTRIO Home Elevator can carry up to three standing passengers.

A residential elevator which is your ticket to the top

Unlock the freedom to enjoy your whole home, whenever it suits you. The Lifton Home Elevator saves time, space and energy with a smart ‘plug and play’ technology which installs in around one day. Its many uses extend far beyond passenger travel, making transporting heavy cases, laundry and even the vacuum cleaner between floors, a piece of cake.

Benefits of installing a premium home lift

Rapidly becoming commonplace in new builds and upscale renovations, prospective home buyers are actively attracted to homes which are accessible by elevators. Many property investors look to the future accessibility, longevity and flexibility of a family home.

Quotemark The Lifton Home Elevator is a simple yet very elegant solution to making your home easier to live in

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