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To request a free brochure call us for free on (610) 419-3200 / (833) 784-5891

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Home Elevators: Enhance your home and your lifestyle

The Lifton Home Elevator is a unique residential elevator which combines style and functionality in a discreet and compact design. Rediscover your freedom and the pure pleasure of being able to move through your home, simply at the press of a button. To learn more about how our stylish yet practical Lifton home elevators can help transform your quality of life, get in touch with us today to receive your free brochure, or request a call back at a time that works for you.

Easy Living with the LiftonDUO Home Elevator

A LiftonDUO Home Elevator makes moving around your home delightfully effortless. The elevator lift is designed to carry one or two persons, and its compact size and flexible placement options means the residential elevator looks great in your home.

LiftonTRIO Home Elevator, blending functionality with stunning design

The new LiftonTRIO Home Elevator is the first home lift of its kind which can accommodate a full-sized wheelchair. This residential elevator can also carry up to three people in its spacious interior.

Residential Elevators: Putting the heart back into your home

Imagine the freedom of using your home in the way you used to. The Lifton Home Elevator blends design with technology to enrich your living environment. Jump in one of our residential elevators and experience it for yourself.

A simple solution to the question of style

The Lifton Home Elevator is as stylish as it is unobtrusive and elegant. It fits discreetly into your home to complement your style and décor – whether that’s contemporary or traditional. Our unique residential elevator is perfectly in tune with today’s customers. Go ahead, click the button below for more information, and see how installing Lifton home elevators into your home can make a real and positive difference to your life.

Quotemark The Lifton Home Elevator is a simple yet very elegant solution to making your home easier to live in

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