Home Elevator Lift Prices: How Much Does A Home Elevator Cost In The USA?

A home elevator is no longer a luxury purchase for the super-rich. Home lifts are becoming more versatile, more flexible and more affordable. Breaking new ground in this field is Lifton where we have combined a sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology, and created an elevator for the home that can be enjoyed by all.

Residential elevators cost

Home elevator prices can be different based upon how a residential elevator company presents their pricing and quotation. Things to check for are whether your quotation includes everything involved in the process of installing your lift. Site work and preparation of the site can be costly if it is not included in your original quote. You should also always ask to receive a fully itemized quotation including all building work, based on any site survey carried out.

Does the home elevator price cost include delivery?

If delivery charges are not included from the start, this is a large amount to not be expecting. A good elevator lift company will always include shipping costs as part of the overall price, so you do not get any nasty expensive surprises later down the line.

Cost of home elevator (different types)

The four main types of home lift available are hydraulic, traction, vacuum and non-hydraulic.

Home Elevator Cost (Hydraulic) – The lead-in cost for a hydraulic home lift, based on a standard installation, is around $30,000. A hydraulic lift operates using a pump which transfers hydraulic fluid to a jack allowing the lift to be pushed up and down by a piston at its base. This style of lift requires a lot of floor space, and a separate machine room – meaning you will have to sacrifice an additional space in your home for this to be located. Hydraulic lifts have more elements which need regular maintenance when compared with other home lift types, meaning your financial investment will be a longer-term commitment.

Home Elevator Cost (Traction) – This is generally a more costly option than the hydraulic lift and based on a standard installation it could set you back around $35,000. Traction residential elevators operate with a lift shaft using cables and a counterweight. This lift also has fairly steep ongoing maintenance costs, as to remain safe, the cables should be replaced once every five years. This style of elevator can also be a rather bumpy ride as its mechanism does not allow for such a smooth motion as other types of lift.

Home Elevator Cost (Vacuum) – This lift has a self-supporting design and it moves using air pressure, pumps and turbines which pull the lift upwards and then float the lift back down with no pit or hoist needed. Vacuum residential elevators costs start at around $35,000.

Home Elevator Cost (Non-Hydraulic) – At Lifton, we are leading the way with an innovative, versatile and affordable non-hydraulic home elevator option which allows you to enjoy the luxury of a lift in your home, along with all of the practical functionality it brings – such as transporting bulky objects, heavy luggage, laundry, boxes and even the grandchildren!

Our capsule-shaped lift includes a timeless, neutral colorway designed to flatter any interior design. And, it is just as impressive in terms of engineering. Powered by a quiet motor drive system, discreetly concealed under the lift lid, the Lifton Home Elevator plugs straight into a standard domestic power socket meaning it does not require you to re-work any of your electrics or pipework; it is energy efficient and it can be located almost anywhere of your choice in the home due to its ‘plug and play’ design.

Lifton home elevators require no lift shaft, pit or separate machine room and are built to support themselves on two slimline stilts, so you will not be limited to an area in your home with a wall. The elevator offers you flexibility, freedom and independence and has one of the smallest footprints on the marketplace so you save your floorspace and your options on where to locate it are endless.

Comfortably accommodating two passengers travelling between floors in under 30 seconds, this residential elevator can be installed in as little as one day meaning minimal disruption to your daily routine. In fact, the only work required to be undertaken by a professional builder is a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass through between floors.

Unlike a hydraulic, traction or vacuum lift, the non-hydraulic Lifton Home Elevator has an extremely competitive and attractive price point and is usually much cheaper than most other residential elevators on the market.

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For more information please call us free on (610) 419-3200

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