Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

We know the cosy season is upon us when the nights draw in, the leaves fall and the weather cools. Fall dictates a natural shift in our lives too, as we choose steaming mugs of chai latte over iced smoothies, and soft, chunky knits over spaghetti straps and shorts.  And as the chill sets in, there are a few ways you can prepare your home for fall too.

 Check Your Home’s Fall Safety Features

 We use more of everything as we spend more time indoors, so now is the time to work through each room and check features such as sockets, smoke alarms, appliances, circuits, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure everything is up to date and in good working order.

Depending on your personal requirements, you may also like to consider futureproofing your home with grab rails or upgrading to a home elevator if you feel you are beginning to find moving around the home more effort. Equally, a residential elevator is a super smart way to take you from a chilly basement garage straight into a warm house.

Ensure External Maintenance Is Up To Date

 Plan ahead to prevent winter hazards by filling gaps in the driveway or external paving around the house now, with a flexible sealant. This will stop ice making the cracks larger and more dangerous.

Fertilize your lawn to keep it strong enough to cope with cold snaps and plant your spring bulbs before the ground gets too hard.

Book someone to clear the gutters to stop water pooling and soaking into the frame, fascia or roof and potentially causing health hazards like mould. Also, it is a good time to check for any overhanging branches because if they hang over roof lines they could cause potential damage, not only from inclement weather, should they fall, but it also creates a foliage bridge for critters in the trees into the warmth and shelter of your home!

Make Your Home Fall Cosy

To lower your bills and keep your home warm during fall and beyond, consider insulating your windows and check there are no holes in the roof where warm air could escape.

If you find a draught indoors, then try draught excluders such as brush strips for doors and sticky strips for the windows.  For larger windows, you could consider dark colored heavy drapes which hold in the warmth.

It is time to bring down your winter wardrobe and adorn the furniture with a few extra heavy knit blankets which not only look amazing, but keep you warm and comfortable too and if you have a real fireplace, then get your logs prepped now.

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