Show off or blend beautifully into the background!

Perhaps you and your home elevator like to stand out and entertain? Once your lift is installed will you want everyone to see it and hop in for a ride, or maybe you would prefer visitors do not even know you have one?

Whatever the preference, at Lifton Home Elevators, we get it. The real beauty of a stylish Lifton residential elevator is that it can be installed almost anywhere in the home, be that pride of place in the lobby or tucked away in a disused cupboard space.

Plus, with a small, quiet motor housed within the lift car it will not make any unwanted noise; so, your new home elevator can remain as discreet as you would like.

Travel solo, as a duo or a trio!

Whether you want your home elevator to be as small as can be for a single standing passenger to use, or need to travel with a companion, or as a wheelchair user, the Lifton range of home elevators caters just for you.

Perhaps as a wheelchair user you need a wheelchair lift with a thru-car option so you can enter/exit from both sides. Consider it done. You need look no further than the Lifton Trio Home Elevator and we will take care of the rest.

Quirky configuration!

Are you drawn to a home with a quirky configuration, something a little unusual? Maybe you have a vaulted ceiling, or some sloping ceilings to contend with in your home. No problem.

A few simple adjustments from our specialist designers and we can ensure that your new Lifton residential elevator can suit you and your space just fine. Or maybe where you really need a home lift is between the basement and the kitchen space, not a living space and a sleeping area.

We can work with this too. Lifton Home Elevators have fitted stylish elevators in all kinds of properties across the UK and the US.

What’s your design style?

At Lifton Home Elevators, we are proud of the fact that our range of lifts are in a class of their own when it comes to their stylish, clean lines, minimalistic controls and spacious, light filled interiors and quality build standard. You can however select the color of your lift car, rails, interior lining and lighting arrangement to suit your very own personal style. If you want the floor carpeted to match the flooring you have, we’ll take care of it for you.

Bespoke solutions

Is your main reason for installing an elevator in the home to ensure peace of mind when your folks come to visit? Are you future-proofing your home and want to make sure that your home elevator will add value to your home and suit others equally well in years to come?

Is your need driven by a young family to corral upstairs when it comes to bedtime, or do you have pampered pooches that need to be regularly bathed?

Whatever the unique need for a residential elevator in your property, we can work with you to identify the right elevator, in the right location with the perfect styling.