Many of homeowners like to spend as much time at home as possible and surround ourselves with comfort, beauty, and a sense of refinement as a reward for working hard.

Giving ourselves a luxurious home provides us with a sanctuary where it is possible to unwind, entertain and spend time with loved ones and enjoy the finer things in life.

With February being a cooler time of the year and the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day and all things love, we look at some options to consider to give your home the luxury you will love this February.

Beautiful lighting

The use of lighting is one of the most fundamental and often underestimated areas which can add the most style to any home. Whether it is beautiful statement lighting that conveys luxury by way of impactful chandeliers or pendant lighting in the center of a room, or chic layered lighting to offer a sense of cozy ambience and highlights in a relaxed space – the right lighting can truly convey elegance. While the nights are still somewhat longer than the days, take the time to replace outdated light fittings and controls and give your home a whole new look.

Add a home theater

One of the most engaging features to have in a luxury home is a home theater. Fabulous to enjoy with family and friends, having a room kitted out with all the latest audio and visual technology, enables everyone to enjoy screening their favourite movies and major sports events. It also gives homeowners the chance to share home videos or add a sense of occasion to a new boxset release. A home theater can be customized to suit, with features such as armchair seating and top of the range sound systems along with the very best in large screen high-definition viewing. What is more, a bar or snack station can even be added where all that privacy can be enjoyed, free from unwanted interruptions.

Automate the home

Since the last renovation, chances are that home tech in terms of security will have moved on. The very best in security recording technology with high-definition footage in and outside the home, automated gates and doors and climate control systems are all available to give homeowners the utmost in both peace of mind and comfort.

A home elevator

A residential elevator is an increasingly coveted property feature with the added potential to be a profitable investment that adds significant value to a home.

Elevators such as the Lifton Home Elevator can transform a property into a multi-generational home offering family and guests a seamless travel experience and access to all areas of your home easily and comfortably.

Create an ambient outdoor living space

It may only be just heading out of winter, but the first shoots of spring will soon show themselves and thoughts will turn to enjoying the great outdoors. Now is exactly the right time to plan any changes you want to make to allow you to enjoy greater luxury in your outdoor space this summer. Maybe 2024 is the year to spend the summer entertaining with a new outdoor kitchen area, or a hot tub, stylish firepit and outdoor lounging area. Or perhaps a home’s outdoor space can best serve by adding a garden room as a study, summer house or studio within which to focus on your work or hobbies.

Here at Lifton, we hope that the team has provided inspiration for luxury living this year to amplify the luxury in a home and enjoy the best in comfort and stylish living.