As the nights start to draw in, there is a chill in the air and the shops jump straight from Halloween treats to setting out their festive fare, many of us start to survey our homes with an eye on comfort and warmth. Most homeowners want a space that will feel embracing and relaxing, to soothe and cocoon us from the outside world. For some, we have one eye on making sure we can comfortably entertain family and friends when it comes to Christmas in a couple of months’ time. Now is the perfect time to use this ‘Fall’ to fall back in love with your home for this time of year.

  1. Keep It Warm

Keeping out draughts and conserving energy is a crucial first step in making sure that your home is as warm and efficient as possible. Heating bills as we all know are increasing and it is vital to take whatever steps you can to keep your bills down and your house warm and inviting. Far and away, insulation is the best course of action so check your tank, pipes, lofts, floors and cavity walls are as well insulated as possible and that you have not missed out on claiming any state grants that you may be entitled to. Next up, address any ill-fitting doors that may be letting draughts in with a curtain or draught excluder.

  1. Create an Autumnal mood

For centuries, rugs and wall hangings have been their own type of insulation, so perhaps these can fulfil a dual purpose in your home too. Use texture to add interest and a cosy feel in cushions, throws and soft furnishings. Take inspiration from the stunning colours in nature with amber, russet and ochre tones to introduce instant autumnal warmth to your décor. Next, introduce soft lighting with candles and lanterns for cosy and relaxing evenings in. As a final layer of autumn ‘glow up’ you might like to add a silk foliage autumnal garland that literally brings the glorious autumn colours in, or fragrance, think ‘pumpkin spiced latte’ for something synonymous with the time of year.

  1. Simplify your space

If you do have half a mind on who will be visiting you for the festive season, now is the time to make the most of the time indoors to tackle any stacks of paperwork or piles of books that you have passed by while making the most of September and October daylight. Clear your spaces with a bit of de-cluttering to make you love your surroundings that little bit more.

  1. Make comfort a priority throughout your home

It is not just a case of a warm glow in the fireplace to make your home genuinely comfortable. For some, now may be the time to make a change that will benefit your home and your comfort within it for years to come. Perhaps you have children that have long since flown the nest, but you have never got around to creating the snug or study that you had in mind. Or perhaps introducing a home elevator will enable you to move more easily and freely between the floors of your home. This can be every bit as stylish as your décor changes too, a Lifton design is sleek and ergonomic, with a soft powdery coating, in a muted colourway. You can take your Lifton residential elevator as it comes, or customise to your liking with additional options, but it is always guaranteed to deliver a ‘wow factor’ that is both elegant and practical.