In the past, the word ‘luxury’ meant the highest quality products and the most exclusive experiences, but the meaning of modern luxury is changing.

Luxury now means so much more, in particular, it means what can save you time (the scarcest resource of all), what is relevant to your individual truth (what is meaningful to you as an individual) and whether you trust the product creator (a brand’s authenticity and influence).

Below, we explore how to achieve the ultimate in luxury living at home, taking into account your time, your truth and your trust. Here are our 10 must-have items compiled by our Lifton Home Elevators team that luxury home buyers most want.

A grand entrance
A grand entrance way or spacious airy floorplan enables your luxury abode to be a social and inclusive environment. It also provides you with an opportunity to tell your visitors all about you as they enter your home.
A grand entrance makes a big statement about your individual personality and how you like to live. A grand stairway or high ceiling creates a sense of opulence and when paired with smaller more personal items, it tells your story.

A tech-centred home is one that saves you time so you can make the most of your downtime. Homeowners look for smart tech which can be controlled from a mobile device.
This allows you to control every part of your home from closing the shades, to cranking up heating or air con and preparing your home for your departure or ahead of your arrival – all at the touch of a button. Innovations in technology also makes your home a safe home, with recorded doorbells, CCTV systems and monitored alarms.

Wine cellar
Installing a wine cellar not only lets you preserve wine and keep it for longer, but keeping your wine in a wine cellar means there is less chance of the temptation to pop open a good bottle which you had planned on keeping for years.
Your wine collection is a reflection of you and your personality – plus a wine collection can be a great investment too!

Outdoor kitchen
Modern luxury outdoor kitchen systems are designed to bring cooking outdoors. Outdoor kitchen systems can be supplied in island or wall formations, and they are designed to enhance any garden space.
An outdoor kitchen creates a zone to enjoy hot summer days and long lazy evenings surrounded by great food and your favourite people.

Swimming pool
Swimming is amazing for wellbeing. It relaxes your body and eases away stresses. It offers a whole-body exercise which burns calories and makes your feel great.
Whether you prefer Above-Ground Pools, In-Ground Pools, Infinity Pools or the power of a swim spa, it is well documented that being close to ‘blue spaces’ such as the ocean or a swimming pool immediately benefits our mental health and happiness.

Spa bathroom
Heated jets, led lighting, music and waterfall showers create a luxurious bathroom spa experience. Buyers want spacious bathrooms with plenty of storage space. When time is precious, the ability to deeply relax at home is priceless.
Your favourite products, chunky candles and aromatherapy indulgences all add to the ultimate bathroom spa experience, tapping into what helps you unwind.

Luxury home elevator
A residential elevator is an increasingly coveted property feature with the potential to be a profitable investment that adds significant value to a home.

A luxury home elevator transforms a standard home into a multi-generational home, offering your family and guests a seamless travel experience and access to all areas of your home easily and comfortably.

Theatre room
A movie theater room may not be a necessity in any home, but it’s certainly a pleasure. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time watching a good movie and from the comfort of your own home you can select whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it.
Theater rooms are fun spaces and come with feature walls, vaulted ceilings, ultra-luxe seating and all of the additional extras such as home bar and snacks station.

Private fitness facility
Health and wellbeing are so important in today’s busy world.
A home fitness center offers convenience, a place to unwind and is a regular feature in luxury properties. A mirrored wall is ideal for checking form and a combination of fixed equipment pieces and free weights offer variety. A home fitness center can be located as part of the main building or as an outbuilding allowing users to make the mental transition from daily life to your fitness routine as you enter the fitness space.

Dressing room
A dressing room off the master suite offers an abundance of storage and display options. It eliminates clutter and keeps your clothing and accessories organised.
A dressing room should have excellent natural light from windows as well as flattering multi-level electrical lighting and mirrors to allow you to check your appearance for all angles.