Our, homes are our sanctuary, they highlight all that we love, are filled with memories and for many of us are part of our family’s identity. A place where, when we get together with our loved ones, we can almost travel back in time and reflect on shared history and all the good times we have spent there.

It is no surprise then, that few of us like to take the difficult decision to re-locate, or reluctantly remodel our home to make it continue to work for us. However, there are changes we can make to our home or that of our loved ones which can help ensure we are not faced with such a choice in later years. – installing a home elevator and aging in place is one such project.

Why choose a home elevator? 

For some, a home elevator is a consideration when the house is undergoing other remodelling work. Many families have noted just how expensive moving home can be and how much of this high cost is spent on the ‘moving costs’ rather than their home itself.

Therefore, an increasing number of savvy families are choosing to factor a home lift into their project, knowing that it will come into its own later.

Modern residential elevators are designed to blend seamlessly with your décor and, the LiftonDUO for example, can be fit into a space of just seven square feet. It is rewarding to know that when the time comes to rely on this to get you easily around your home, the elevator has been positioned right where you wanted it.

Peace of mind 

From our own customers at Lifton, feedback from families has been that the peace of mind the home elevator has provided, is priceless. Often, we hear that for the relatives of our customers, removing the fear of their loved ones having a fall on the stairs, or struggling with using an alternative mobility aid such as a stair lift, is the most beneficial of reasons for having their elevator installed.

Compact, unobtrusive and hassle free 

So, a home elevator requires only a very small space within the home, (even if a wheelchair lift is required,) it can blend with your décor and even add to the value of your home when you really do need to sell.

Modern residential elevators such as those from Lifton, as well as adding a touch of luxury to your living space, can also be installed with the minimum of fuss, requiring no load bearing walls, running from a standard power supply and with all the safety features you would expect as standard to ensure there is never anything to worry about.

It may surprise you to learn that a Lifton home elevator can be installed in no more than a couple of days once your initial visit has taken place and the location of the elevator agreed.

A practical purpose, beautifully delivered

Making a change like installing a residential elevator certainly does not mean making a compromise as far as your style or décor is concerned. An unobtrusive and elegant Lifton Home Elevator will run smoothly and quietly between floors on its slim, self-supporting rails.

These elevators are minimalist, contemporary and with the highest specification. The design of the home lifts means they can fit seamlessly into any style of home interior and will subtly catch the eye with just the right amount of luxury.