1. A cozy home does not just keep us physically warm – it is soothing for the soul – and with Winter on the way, most of us are feeling the urge to nest up in a safe, cozy haven more than ever right now.

    Below, we explore five ways to boost your home comfort factor this winter, from experimenting with natural textures to going ultra-luxe with high end home technology.

    1. Use your space differently

    When you know a snowstorm is coming, move everything closer to the space around the fire. Take the books you have been meaning to read with you and use the piles of old newspapers you have wanted to throw away, as handy kindling.

    Arrange and soften your seating with blankets and throws and move a coffee table close to the fire for board games on snowy evenings.


    1. Experiment with textures

    Natural fibres such as wool, alpaca or wood all add warmth to a room visually as well as creating a great place to snuggle down.

    Go for the maximum comfort factor and exclude all draughts by hanging thick drapes over large windows or placing an area rug to create a focal point for your furniture and keep your toes warm from the cold of the floor.


    1. Layer up the mood lighting

    Create a cozy room with different layers of light. Use table lamps, floor lamps and other lighting with warm hue bulbs.

    Candles are also a source of warmth which instantly change the ambience of a room with their soft flickering.

    1. Use technology to enhance the living experience

    Technology enhances the living experience and maximises the level of comfort you can experience at home.

    You are only limited by your imagination these days, from installing a state of the art, elegant home elevator to move seamlessly between rooms in your home, to a control centre which commands smart lighting to support your body’s natural circadian rhythm – there are even apps which help you cook.

    Why bother with the household chores anymore, when there are over 10 robots that will do that for you, from laundry folding machines, to pool cleaners, to vacuum cleaning robots.

    1. Indoor plants

    There is a reason that professional interior designers incorporate plants into their designs!

    Plants are comforting. In fact, the subliminal effect of plants on our state of mind, similar to being outdoors in nature, actually lifts the spirit and brings happiness.

    An environment which includes natural elements and plants creates a sense of vitality making us feel more alive and more happy.

    Plants are also amazing at balancing air quality and humidity and can even improve sound quality by absorbing or reflecting loud noises