With the long winter months firmly behind us and Spring fast approaching, this next season brings with it new, exhilarating beginnings from darkness to light, cold to warmth, and grey to blue.

It is a time for vibrant flowers popping up, laughter in the backyard, throwing open the windows and spring cleaning the house in anticipation of lighter and brighter months ahead.

Now is the perfect time to introduce fresh ideas into your home and here are five of the home renovation trends you can expect to see more of this Spring.

  • Multi-purpose rooms

Multi-purpose living spaces have seen a huge rise in popularity in the last few years with a space needing to offer more than just living. Home has become an office, an exercise space and a place to entertain so the need to be something to all is paramount when thinking about the design of a space and the interiors within.

Choosing space saving furniture and clever storage options helps keep a room streamlined yet versatile, allowing a home to be an office on weekdays and a home gym or gaming room on the weekends.

  • Enhanced outdoor spaces and features

With people spending more time at home, seamless transitions from inside to out is a trend firmly on the rise with people wanting their backyards to be relaxing extensions of their interior living spaces.

No longer content with just a plastic table and chair set, the now high-end, durable materials and fabrics on offer are really helping to transform peoples outside spaces into stylish havens truly reflective of their indoor decor.

Water features and fountains are also making a comeback to create a soothing backdrop as well as improving overall appearance of your property and backyard.

  • Technology from top to bottom

Gone are the days where cell phones are used to purely check the weather and send a text, they are now the epicentre of home running, thanks to various apps and time saving tech from applications such as camera doorbells all the way through to digital art, allowing us to control or update our home, whilst not actually being at home.

Home tech appliances also help to make life easier and with state-of-the-art products on the market like the Lifton Home Elevator, they offer stylish and luxurious solutions to homeowners looking to experience a little extra luxury.

  • Being green, literally, and figuratively

We all know sustainability and its importance is a key topic at the moment with many moving to a greener and more energy efficient way of life, be that composting to going plastic free, however we are really starting to see this trickling into the home above and beyond simply what lightbulb we are installing in the kitchen.

Using reclaimed materials such as clay and stone, and bringing the outside in through wood and rattan, all help to give tone and texture to a living space whilst boosting our green credentials and allowing us to subtly connect to nature.

  • Light and Space

A bright, welcoming, and warm living space improves our health and wellbeing which is why more and more homes are using clever techniques to enhance natural daylight and create the illusion of space.

Skylights and window walls allow light to stream in whilst glass or French style doors enable natural light to flow from room to room whilst also opening out the space.

Other ways to get smart with lighting include brightening shelf spines, applying downlighters in the corners of the room on dimmer switches, or simply choosing the right colour combinations for the room to help to create a sense of space and brightness.