Home elevators offer a way to add luxury to any property whilst improving access to all levels of the home. State of the art design mean that modern residential elevators also incorporate incredibly advanced features and benefits that customers might not expect – which add style, elegance and a touch of opulence to day to day life. Here we have highlighted five of the best features in a Lifton home elevator.

  1. Anywhere you please


One of the most exceptional features of a Lifton home elevator is the versatility to install it exactly where you want it. A Lifton lift can be placed in a huge range of locations – in pride of place in the entrance way, in a closet, or even in the centre of a room. Unlike many other domestic elevators, Lifton run on two self-supporting vertical stilts, carrying the motor neatly above the lift car, and so do not need to be fixed to a load bearing wall. Once a customer has installed their residential elevator in the ideal location, it simply plugs in like any other domestic appliance and it is ready to go.


  1. Small – but spacious

Despite having a tiny compact footprint making a Lifton lift neat and discreet within any sized home, they are surprisingly roomy inside. Designed to easily carry two people at once, the spacious LiftonDUO home elevator enable a couple to travel around the house together, making life convenient and sociable. Traveling together tends to prove popular with visiting children and adults alike. For those looking for a larger capacity the LiftonTRIO home elevator comfortably accommodates a full-sized wheelchair or three people standing.


  1. Elegant design

The designers of the Lifton home elevator range kept elegance and style front of mind. In order to ensure their range of home lifts would blend seamlessly into any style of home or décor, they kept the slimline style elegant and sleek with subtle LED downlight and transparent panels to allow the natural light to flow.

The days when a through-floor lift looked medical and unsightly are thankfully in the past, and they have been replaced with beautiful, contemporary design to flatter any décor. What is more, when the lift is stationed upstairs all that remains to be seen are the slim stilts, and when it is downstairs, the lift all but vanishes from the room upstairs.

  1. Advanced tech

Lifton home elevators are packed with the most innovative of technological features. They include ambient lighting built in for low or no light, two small remote controls are included as standard, and a multitude of built-in sensors are placed to automatically detect if anything is in the way above or below the domestic elevator when it is moving, or if it is out of balance. The self-closing lift door which is available in both half height and full height options, releases automatically when the lift arrives safely in position.


  1. Oh so quiet

As the newest member of the household, your Lifton home elevator will not make any unwanted noise. With a small quiet motor housed within the lift car there is no need for an external noisy engine room. As the lift glides nearly silently upwards on its vertical rails it won’t disturb the other members of the household in their activities.