Every year, Thanksgiving for many of us marks the start of the holiday season, when we embrace having family and friends gather in our homes to enjoy the festive season together. For many of us it is a very special time of year; a chance to see loved ones, catch up, reflect, spread joy, show that we care and feel thankful. Certainly, it can be busy and often a little stressful, but there are some ways in which we can all get even more joy from this most wonderful time of the year.

At Lifton Home Elevators, we share with you some ways in which you can elevate your whole holiday season for maximum enjoyment, both for yourself and the guests you share it with.

Elevate your home

Ensure your home is both welcoming and festive. Think about entrance ways and having well dressed windows. Spruce up your holiday home décor to feel modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Inside, one of the tricks many designers use when making rooms look festive is to swap out existing artwork on the walls for more winter or Christmas themed pictures or prints. This way the festive touches are large enough to have an impact without adding to visual clutter in your home.

Also, try to limit the introduction of too much extra colour to make your home Christmassy and use one that goes with your existing colour palette. For example, a touch of red alongside neutrals, or perhaps gold as a new injection of festive colour if you already have plenty of colours in your home.

Ready your house for guests by making sure your bathrooms are sparkly clean and fresh, linens the best quality you can afford and your tableware and cutlery all present and correct. Now is the time to check you will have everything you need to make your Christmas table settings look fabulous and have real impact.

Elevate your mood

Having a break from today’s digital world is a great idea to help you focus on real life situations without distractions. The benefits of this are many; such as increased productivity, better sleep and improved health. Taking a bit of time offline can really help. If ever we need to make sure we are getting enough sleep it is at this time of year; when extra tasks would likely make us cranky without it!

For some who spend a lot of time alone, the festive season can be rare opportunity to connect and this sense of togetherness with loved ones can be a major mood booster. Inviting family or friends to be part of your celebrations if they may not have others to spend it with can lift their mood as well as yours!

Nature too, can be a Christmas miracle all of its own. Research has shown that even as little as five minutes a day outdoors can fast improve our mood and increase positive emotions so it is always nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Elevate your space

Be mindful of all your guests, ensuring your home is welcoming and easy to move around. Notice things that will appear out of place to visitors, such as any piles of papers strewn around the office, or boxes or baskets of decorations or gift paraphernalia in hallways, or on staircases that do not need to be there.

In addition, think about who is coming over to your home. Might any of your guests have additional needs to bear in mind? If families are visiting, are there any likely hazards that you might need to address. Perhaps anyone who struggles in these situations or environments would like to know there will be a quiet space to sit and reflect.

This is where having a residential elevator could be a godsend during the holiday season, as whether you have seniors staying, anyone with mobility needs or young children or babies, everyone can manage getting between floors without needing assistance. This is sure to enable everyone to relax and enjoy their time in your home all the more.