Retirement presents you with the time in your life when you can and should put quality of life as your top priority. It may be that planning a relocation could be the best way of enjoying your golden years, maybe due to where family live, your leisure interests, or even the realisation of a long-term ambition to be based in a particular are of the country.

A recent U.S. News analysis undertook a study on the largest 150 metropolitan areas in the United States as potential places to retire. The study included reviewing data on affordability of housing, happiness ratings, desirability, retiree taxes and access to quality healthcare. The survey also weighted the analysis based on a U.S. News online survey of over 45’s about their retirement preferences.

The 2022 ‘List of the 25 Best Places to Retire’ highlights places with affordable homes, low taxes and the highest ratings for happiness and healthcare. Here Lifton Home Elevators share the Top Ten:

Reading, Pennsylvania

Reading is situated halfway between Pennsylvania’s state capital Harrisburg and Philadelphia, its largest city. Mount Penn provides scenic views of the city and surrounding countryside and is topped by a red Japanese pagoda visible for miles around. Reading is best known for its outlet shopping and pretzel bakeries.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Located 90 miles from New York City and just 60 miles from Philadelphia, Allentown benefits from its proximity to both these lively cities with so much in the way of entertainment and culture to offer, but with far lower housing costs.

Allentown is the third largest metropolitan area in PA and is sited on the Lehigh River where you will find a large number of attractive, historic homes. Allentown is perfect for retirees who like to experience four distinct seasons. At its coldest in winter, temperatures can be as low as -5 in winter and typically close to 30 degrees in the summer, so rather different to the retirement options in Florida!

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The only Michigan location in the top ten, Ann Arbor offers a setting typical of a Midwestern College town, a charming historic district, plenty of cultural events and a beautiful, outdoorsy location as well as a growing downtown area with huge numbers of dining and entertainment options. ‘Tree Town’ can feel like a much larger city, perhaps due to the international community, robust public park system, varied housing options, spirit of inclusivity and low crime rates.

Daytona Beach, Florida

As per several of the other FL locations on the list Daytona Beach experiences the influx of ‘Snowbirds’ and tourists during winter, looking to escape the cold temperatures elsewhere and then seems positively quiet in the summer months. Its popularity as a retirement location stem from all the things the tourists love too; sailing, fishing, golf beautiful beaches and in addition the Speedway for which it is renowned. It is not just the outdoors, but museums, theaters, restaurants and malls which are on offer which draw people here year after year. Plus, like every Florida location, you can guarantee your family will make the time to visit.

Naples, Florida

Naples is a long-time retirement favourite for the rich and powerful. Truly beautiful beaches and sprawling golf courses compete with fine dining and shopping for your leisure time. Plus, you will be just a couple of hour’s drive from both Tampa and Miami when you crave the buzz of all that a city can offer. Florida also offers the benefit of no state income tax, but this and its other many appealing qualities mean that in Naples, affordable homes can be hard to come by, Plus, you certainly need to be able to cope with the very hot summer temperatures.

York, Pennsylvania

At one time the capital of the U.S York, PA has a lot of historical credence. From restored colonial buildings to remnants of its significant industrial heritage. If this is your thing there is much to interest you, along with numerous parks, shopping areas and rolling farmland. A flourishing arts community also offers much to interest any culture vultures.

Tampa, Florida

The Tampa Bay area provides all the trappings of a laid back beach lifestyle and the amenities of a large metropolitan area, from its professional sports teams, museums and entertainment dining destinations to the beautiful beaches of St Petersburg, on the opposite side of the bay, and all the associated leisure activities on offer here. The third city in the area, Clearwater is a popular spring break destination, so not the quietest of retirement locations perhaps!

Pensacola, Florida

Less touristy, but still with the beauty and sunny climes is Pensacola. An attractive blend of history and nature which has been appreciated by the Native Americans for millennia. It celebrates its diverse history with an annual 10 day fiesta, drawing upon its rich past. The beaches here face the Gulf of Mexico and offer the white sand and emerald waves as well as huge appeal for keen anglers. Not to be overlooked is the small but significant presence of the Naval Air Station which draws military families to the area too.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The capital of Pennsylvania dares you not to embrace the great outdoors. From biking or jogging, to hiking and boating there are so many ways to take in the beauty of the area and its Susquehanna River you would find it hard not to enjoy the scenery. Its proximity to the Appalachian Trail, state parks as well as the cities of New York Philadelphia and Baltimore and Washington DC all with easy driving distance, means you will never tire of ways to fill your leisure time.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

It is not the sunshine state at the top of the list, which may surprise you if you have never experienced the balance of natural and bustling spaces that Lancaster offers along with the different communities settled there. Vast farming areas sit close to beautiful suburban areas around the bustling city. The industry of Kellogg’s, Mars Chocolate and even the world’s largest chicken barbecue keeps the area vibrant and full of options, as well as being good value for money and with a great quality of life.