If your parents are approaching the age where you think they might require help moving around the home, here is some advise about how to start speaking to your folks about how a home elevator can improve their lives.

Start discussions early
Start talking earlier than you think you need to, about installing a residential elevator.
If you open out the discussion with plenty of time to go, you can get a sense for your parents’ views regarding home adaptations, get used to agreeing to disagree and the re-evaluation process, whilst respecting and honoring your parents’ position on the matter. After all, it directly impacts their lifestyle.
An open and honest conversation with your parents about their feelings, plans and ideas is the only starting point for discussions about living arrangements when the get older.
Empathizing with your parents and letting them be a driving force behind the decision-making process is key to successful. You are there to be helpful and supportive, you can do a lot of the ground work for them, but ultimately, they are the decision makers.

Home Renovations
If your parents are investing in a new kitchen, bathroom or general home renovations, this would be the ideal time to factor in a residential elevator installation, which are also great for future-proofing a home.
Taking only one day to install and plugging into any domestic power socket, a home elevator can be fitted as part of an overall renovation project and then its ready for whenever it is needed.
An elevator can also be extremely discreet. If your parents have a closet space on the ground floor which moves up to a similar closet space above, one of our Lifton home elevators can be built in and accessed via the closet door, keeping floorspace and room layout just as it ever was.

Medical treatment pending
If your parents are waiting for a hip or knee operation, it is a great time to get a residential elevator installed. A home lift does not eat into space on the stairway and can be called using a remote control from wherever you are in the house for maximum convenience.
A home elevator can also have a seat installed, so the user can travel seated if they prefer. It is operated with a simple push and hold button, with a stylish and minimalistic control panel to make using it extra easy.
A residential elevator installed means that your parent can return home to use all of their home as and when they choose and recovery at home will be seamless and stress free.

Retirement approaching
Approaching retirement is when adults make decisions based on work, where they want to live and the type of lifestyle they want to have.
Some people are drawn to the ocean or warmer climes, others want to stay close to their family, friends and local community.

If your parents are close to retirement and they have no intention of leaving the family home where all of their memories were made, now is a great time to discuss any modifications to their home which will allow them to continue to enjoy their whole home for as long as they wish, trouble free.

A home elevator can comfortably carry two passengers and a pet between floors in under 30 seconds. It is the alternative to a dated stair lift and you can show your parents a range of design options and functionality to suit their exact requirements. Typically, elevators for the home are easy to install as well as being very safe.

By working on a plan now, means the transition into retirement and beyond will be fun and stress free, leaving Mom and Dad to go with the flow and enjoy the hobbies pastimes they choose to fill their days whilst their home is re-optimized to suit their needs perfectly.

Level of care changing
If you have become aware of your parents’ needs evolving, perhaps they are almost due some extra care in the home, or you feel like their own health and physical abilities are changing, it could be the right time to start the conversation about installing a home elevator.

It is a natural part of living, that as your parents age, their needs will change and present difficult challenges to which there are a number of options and solutions. Speaking to your social worker or geriatric care manager is a great start in terms of analyzing level of care.

Researching and discussing options with your parents is a great way to look together at what may or may not be beneficial to them.
Financial considerations will also be key. The cost of downsizing or moving home will be considerable versus the cost of installing a home elevator.