The definition of ‘future proofing’ is to anticipate the future and develop methods of minimizing the effects of the shocks or stresses of future events.

Increasingly home owners are taking a positive and practical approach to the future and safeguarding their lifestyles in their ‘forever homes’ in advance.

The family home is a continually evolving environment and if you live in a two storey or multi-storey property, at points the stairs can become restrictive, so a popular home upgrade is to install a private elevator.

How to create an age appropriate home – stylishly!

As the share of seniors is on the rise at a national level, homeowners are turning to home elevators to give their family homes longevity and flexibility as well as avoiding the costs and upheaval of moving or downsizing.

The Lifton Home Elevator, is becoming very popular as it is specifically designed to naturally blend within the home environment.

Created to be admired and then forgotten, the Lifton home lift is slender and semi-transparent allowing natural daylight to flood through. It is modular which means it can be taken apart, transported and re-built with ease into almost any location.

Once installed (usually in no more than one day), it simply plugs straight into the wall and is ready to go. Travelling between floors in under 30 seconds, this residential elevator is fast, smooth and whisper-quiet in motion, with its own integrated motor in the lift lid. No lift pit, shaft or noisy engine room are needed. You just plug – and play!

The Importance of Research and Reputation

The key to any good decision on ‘future proofing’ is research. Until quite recently, the only available mobility solution was a stair lift, which would eat up space on your staircase, require lots of maintenance and involve some sort of assistance when climbing on and off.

At Lifton, we decided it was time for a change and it created a portfolio of home lifts called the LiftonDUO Home Elevator and the LiftonTRIO Home Elevator.

The LiftonDUO home lift comfortably carries two passengers and offers a fully transparent capsule for maximum space and light, as well as a premium, matte grey finish.

The LiftonTRIO is specifically designed to accommodate a standard sized wheelchair and carry up to three people. It is the first wheelchair lift available on the market of its kind.