Thanks to the pioneering research and development team at Lifton Home Elevators, anyone with a need or a desire to own a elevator in the home, now can. There is no typical customer here at Lifton, but one piece of feedback that we continue to receive is that installing one of our residential elevaors changes lives on a daily basis.

Improved Accessibility

Whether you own a townhouse, or you live in a penthouse or you do not want to downsize but cannot manage the stairs anymore, a Lifton Home Elevator increases accessibility to all areas of your home, whenever you require, day and night. Nothing is off limits and you can immediately enjoy the freedom and convenience that a stylish Lifton home lift provides.


You have lived in your family home for a very long time. You have made a lot of memories there and you enjoy the neighborhood and your friends are close by. Fewer people choose to downsize, if they can stay in place, nowadays. Moving is very expensive and far outweighs the cost and convenience a Lifton elevator can provide, so many of our Lifton customers are at retirement age.

Operation, disability or illness

If you need to make a few fast changes in your home, either our LiftonDUO Home Elevator or LiftonTRIO Home Elevator can be delivered and installed in most cases in under one day. It can be fitted almost anywhere of your choice as it is freestanding and powered by the mains power supply with no requirement for a supporting wall or hydraulics. It can go from a hallway to the landing or from a living area to a bedroom. Whatever is most convenient for you. The Lifton range is also available in a larger width which can accommodate a standard sized wheelchair or walker and there is a thru-car option meaning passengers can enter and exit from either side, for maximum convenience.


Future-proofing is like forward planning. In the home environment, it is all about anticipating your future needs and adapting you home to accommodate them to reduce any stresses further down the line. Even before you physically need to use the lift, it is a fantastic, hardworking addition to the household. Our customers mostly say it is in place for when they cannot manage the stairs one day, but in the meantime, it is amazing for their elderly relatives, or transporting heavy laundry and luggage or the vacuum cleaner!

Why the Lifton Home Elevator is so popular

The Lifton residential elevator is so popular with such a diverse range of people and circumstances because it is designed with customers’ needs in mind. Attractive and stylish so it adds to the elegance of a room, the lift glides quietly and smoothly between floors at the touch of a button. It includes two handy remote controls so wherever you are you can call it to you. And it can be used day and night thanks to its soft atmosphere downlighting.

Quick Installation

Installing in one day, it is the answer to an urgent need, but also a busy schedule, because the Lifton team are in and out of your property so quickly, you can just get right on with your regular plans. Lifton home elevators require no lift shaft, pit or separate machine room and are built to support themselves on two slimline stilts, so you will not be limited to an area in your home with a load bearing wall and you will not need electrics or pipes reworked. The only job required to have a professional builder is the small opening in the ceiling for the elevator to pass through between the floors.