There was a time when a stair lift may have been the only option you had to give you the freedom of movement around your home. Today home elevators with their sleek appearance and tech-lead design are by far the most appealing alternative to the stairs.

Here, we round up why ‘home elevators’ are unequivocally the new stair lifts.

  1. Sleek versus Cumbersome

Until quite recently, the only available mobility solution was a stair lift, which would eat up space, with a large, noisy machine often in the centre of your home. Now, a new breed of innovative and beautifully designed home lifts exists. Lifton home elevators, for example, are elegant and ergonomic with enhancing your living space at its core. Thanks to its small footprint, modular pieces and inbuilt motor system, this plug and play solution fits right in, instantly.

  1. Advanced Safety Features

Using the best of the latest technology, Lifton residential elevators nitrated advanced safety features. Safety sensors are fitted above and below the lift car which detect obstructions and smoothly stop the car if needed. There is a weight limit of 375 pounds, anything over this and the lift will not operate and in the any unlikely event where the cables were to break or lose tension, the patented fall arrest mechanism inside the lift will activate and not allow the lift to move. All this means you can travel in your residential elevator in comfort with complete peace of mind.

  1. No Need to Buy Two Wheelchairs

For wheelchair users, a home elevator can mean a really straightforward way to travel around the home. No longer is there a need to have two wheelchairs for each floor of your house, saving you the inconvenience of moving between two chairs when you move between your home’s floors. The LiftonTRIO home elevator is the first residential elevator of its kind which can comfortably accommodate a full-sized wheelchair, and up to three people inside. As well as a more efficient way of getting around, you’ll gain space and save money by needing less mobility equipment.

  1. Sociable versus Solo Travel

Together is better and a home elevator means you can now travel with family and friends around your home, as more than one person can go in the lift at a time.

This means life-long rituals such as going up to bed together can continue, conversations can be carried on while moving around the home and children and grandchildren can enjoy going upstairs with the main user.

  1. Quick and Quiet

Unlike stair lifts, with a new home elevator you can travel between floors in just 30 seconds. This speed gives you the freedom to move around your house spontaneously, with no need to ‘schedule a trip’ in advance. And the silent operational noise, promotes a sense of wellbeing and a calm household environment.