There has been an interesting shift in the demographic of people choosing to buy a residential elevator in recent times. Once reserved for the older customer finding the stairs troublesome, and needing another way to travel between floors, now Lifton home elevators are seeing increasing numbers of younger homeowners opting to install lifts in their properties. Here, we look at the reasons residential elevators are becoming a must-have item on the home upgrade list even for those far from retirement age.

Style upgrade

As far as mobility devices go, you do not get much more attractive and stylish than a modern home elevator. Indeed, many people do not consider residential elevators in terms of mobility at all. With increasing access to what is possible in home design through social media like Instagram and Pinterest, young homeowners are more ambitious for their homes than ever before, and they are seeking ways to create the ultimately stylish home.

Younger people wanting to have immaculately designed and well-appointed homes are choosing to install a home elevator purely to have a real touch of luxury within their property. Beautifully designed with a sleek shape, clear panels and carefully positioned downlights, the new generation of residential elevators adds a real wow-factor to a home that transcends mere convenience, and takes a stylishly curated home to the next level of indulgence.

Young families

It is not, however, only style that makes the home elevator so appealing to younger people. Needing to find convenient – and safe – ways to travel between floors is not only for those with mobility difficulties. The life stage where a home lift comes in most handy, second only to the senior years, is the baby and toddler phase. Navigating the stairs with a new born, or even a strong, wriggling one year old is a hazard that many new parents identify with. Young toddlers who are learning to climb the stairs and risk tumbling down them unsupervised is also a risk, and most parents face the struggle of dealing with stairgates which in themselves can pose a hazard. Parents of babies and young children see the value of being able to travel with their babies between floors within the safety of a residential elevator.

A huge additional bonus is that the home elevator can also make light work of carrying the inevitable, bulky baby equipment and toys – as well as sleeping baby in their buggy for a seamless move from buggy to crib.

Busy household

Once the family has grown and moved into the busy child and teenage years, a home lift continues to more than earn its keep. Discerning parents wishing to minimise the noisy footfall on the stairs and increase the flow around the home look to install a home elevator to help their home work better. When the house is filled with growing people, simply having another route to travel between floors is a huge benefit. Having a residential elevator can help to create a calmer household as everyone can move around more easily. There are also wheelchair home elevators available.

Covering future eventualities

Of course, the thing which makes installing a home lift pure common sense to lots of younger people is that it prepares their home for anything. If a member of the household should break a leg for example, or suffer an illness which temporarily makes the stairs difficult, home life can continue as normal with a home elevator. A through floor lift future-proofs the home for all eventualities, be that elderly parents coming to stay or the onset of mobility difficulties when the homeowners themselves enter senior years.

In addition, should the home turn out not to be the family’s forever home, realtors have said that a property with a home elevator can sell better than one without, and can even attain a higher value. If the family chooses to take the lift with them however, the elevator can be easily uninstalled and moved to the new home with simple reparations to the original home leaving it as new.