As the end of the year draws nearer and carols are in the air, the experts at Lifton Home Elevators round-up the very best reasons for getting a residential elevator. With so many benefits to think about, we count the top 12 ways a home elevator can enhance your lifestyle.

  1. Convenient

The very top benefit to having a home lift in the home must be the sheer convenience of being able to move between floors at the touch of a button.

  1. Wow-factor

A residential elevator is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a talking point. The beautiful design of Lifton home elevators means that not only does it help you move around the home, but it also adds an opulent touch that is worth showing off in pride of place.

  1. Access all areas

For those with mobility difficulties, being able to reach all areas of the home is more than a benefit, its essential. With a residential elevator installed there is no need to rearrange the rooms of the house, moving bedrooms and washrooms to the first floor as the upstairs is no longer out-of-bounds.

  1. Whisper-Quiet

Some customers worry about whether using a residential elevator will disturb the rest of the household, especially at night. But unlike traditional hydraulic home lifts, Lifton home elevators do not use hydraulics or loud mechanical equipment and they have been designed with a unique drive system which is very quiet.

  1. Safe

Lifton residential elevators are packed with every safety feature needed to make every journey as safe as it could be, including door sensors, weight sensors and out of balance sensors, as well as a mechanism to prevent the lift car jolting or falling in the unlikely event of a fault, and the ‘hold to run’ feature, meaning the person in the elevator is in control at all times.

  1. No trip hazards

Because the floor of the elevator car is designed to align perfectly with the floor it is easy to walk straight out of the lift with no worries about tripping on a step or lip and makes easy work of getting in and out with a wheelchair or walker.

  1. Future proofed

Having a home elevator takes a huge weight off the mind when thinking about future eventualities that may impact on the mobility of anyone in the household. A broken leg, or illness which can make the stairs difficult for a while are no problem when the home already has a lift in place. Likewise, seniors can relax knowing that as they grow older their home is ready should their mobility decrease with age.

  1. Blends with any décor

Lifton home elevators have been beautifully tailored to be discreet, sleek and elegant with clear panels and attractive lighting, meaning that no matter the style of the property, a Lifton elevator looks right at home. The ultra-modern yet stylish design blends effortlessly with classic styles as well as with minimalist and mid-century décor.

  1. Ready for guests

Having a home elevator makes entertaining simple. Those guests who might not find the stairs so easy are already catered for when you have a lift installed.

  1. Young families

A benefit often overlooked; residential elevators come into their own when there are small children in the home. Not only do they mean that babies can be carried safely between floors, but all the bulky equipment that comes with little ones can easily be transported too.

  1. Another route upstairs

Having a home lift means less traffic on the stairs so when the home is filled with family, having another route to travel between floors is a great benefit.

  1. Heavy lifting

A benefit often not considered by customers is how a home elevator can be used to carry heavy items between floors, whether that is shopping, new furniture, or heavy luggage. An elevator makes light work of heavy lifting and saves the back strain and potential accidents on the stairs.