Customers are often interested in the various safety elements of the new Lifton Home Elevator. We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record, thanks to the comprehensive range of integrated safety features which one would expect from a quality residential elevator product. Many might be surprised, however, to learn all the things that are included as standard on our home elevators designed to give customers our peace of mind.

Battery Back-Up

In the event of a power failure, all our home lifts include a battery powered back-up as standard. At the time of power outage, this will allow anyone in the elevator at time to safely descend to the lower level of the home, exit the lift and wait until the power comes back on. Alternatively, there is also an option of an uninterrupted power supply. This system can be installed at additional cost but will allow for numerous trips both up and down in the Lifton while the main power to the home lift is out.

Safety Lid Plug

The Lifton Home Elevator is designed with a safety lid plug which essentially fills the hole in the floor when the lift is in the downstairs position. The lid is strong enough to stand on when upstairs, is completely safe and we can even add a piece of your upstairs flooring – whether it be wood or carpet – so it blends with the customer’s décor.

Safety Sensors

To detect obstructions on the floors above and and below the elevator car there are safety sensors fitted in both of these locations. If anything is placed on the floor which will affect the elevator’s movement, these sensors will be activated and smoothly stop the car.

Weight Sensors

Each home elevator model has a maximum load amount which it can safely transport. If this is exceeded weight limit sensors will kick in and prevent the lift from travel.There are also out of balance sensors fitted as standard so that if the lift is reading off-balance, it will prevent the elevator from moving.

Light Curtain At Entry Point

The full height light curtain acts as a sensor when crossed and ensures the lift is immediately stopped should anything pass across this sensor whilst the elevator is in use. This ensures that nothing can become trapped in the door of the elevator and cause a safety concern.

Emergency Stop Button

There is an emergency stop button which can be found on the push pad, right next to the main controls, should the user need to halt the home lift at any time.

Fall Arrest Mechanism

The entire weight of your Lifton Home Elevator is carried on two very strong steel cables. In the extremely unlikely event that these cables were to break or lose tension, the patented fall arrest mechanism inside the lift will activate and not allow the elevator to move. This ensures the absolute safety of all occupants at all times.

Locking Lift Feature

There is also a key switch feature which allows users to ‘lock’ the lift’ and turn it off completely with a key. This is useful for any customers who may have small children or grandchildren around or if the homeowners are away on vacation. For additional peace of mind and confidence, all of our home elevators include a two-year warranty and we have a fully-trained team available to help customers at all times.