For whatever reason you need to use a wheelchair, whether it is a sudden change or a gradual requirement that has led to the need, getting used to the adjustments this requires in life can be a tall order. Access arrangements to the home may need to be changed, rooms and furniture may need to be adapted and for some, a surrendering of independence is also required.

Typically, for those who need to adapt to becoming a full-time wheelchair user, in and out of their homes, there can be the need to learn to live and work in just a part of the home. It simply may not be possible, practical or safe to use the upper rooms in your two-story residence as you once could. Certainly, it is not always realistic or indeed desirable for wheelchair users to downsize to a single-story home and of course, home moves bring with them a hefty price tag and degree of disruption and stress.

Traditionally, the thought of home elevators for wheelchair users may have suggested large, cumbersome, even clinical looking apparatus. Many wheelchair users cannot abide the thought of their much loved, beautifully presented home being modified to incorporate such a facility. However, with the latest residential elevator models available on the market, such as the Lifton TRIO Home Elevator, this need not be a concern.

The Lifton TRIO has an elegant curved profile, with a grey finish and soft white LED downlights, making it the ultimate travel experience. Spacious enough for a standard-sized wheelchair, yet surprisingly compact footprint, the Lifton TRIO residential elevator reinvents the rule book, protecting precious floorspace and offering an understated, luxury way to flatter the interior design elements of even the most discerning home.

Furthermore, a contemporary home elevator such as the Lifton TRIO is just as impressive in terms of engineering.  Powered by a quiet motor drive system, discreetly concealed under the elevator lid, the Lifton TRIO Home Elevator, like the rest of the product range, plugs straight into a standard domestic power socket meaning it does not require any re-working of any electrics or pipework.

It is energy efficient and it can be located almost anywhere of your choice in the home due to its ‘plug and play’ design. Lifton home elevators require no lift shaft, pit or separate machine room and are self-supporting, so do not require installation against a load-bearing wall.

Once installed, (this work can usually be undertaken in just one or two days with minimal disruption) full access for the wheelchair user can be restored to the whole house.

Simply enter the elevator, push the button, glide to the desired floor and exit moments later where you desire, without any struggle, safety concern or assistance needed from other members of the household. For many wheelchair users, the Lifton TRIO Home Elevator is a hugely rewarding return to greater independence and freedom in their homes.