The guiding principal when designing the Lifton Home Elevator was to ensure that the same level of attention to detail was driven into the look and feel of the residential elevator as the technical performance. The result – an outstanding home lift which is admired and acclaimed and rapidly growing in demand in all US states.

Technically, the Lifton Home Elevator is a masterclass in engineering. Modular in design, making low ceilings, small spaces and even corners no problem, the home lift arrives in pieces and is simply built into place. It also runs on its own free standing, self-supporting stilts system, which means no supporting wall, no noisy machine room and no lift pit or shaft is needed. Homeowners get to keep their property, just as they like it, and the Lifton residential elevator just blends pleasingly into the background.

Moving gracefully between floors in under 30 seconds, it is the travel experience that makes the range of Lifton home elevators incomparable. Its ergonomic design has people in mind and although it has one of the smallest footprints on the market, it is also remarkably light and spacious inside. Two passengers can travel comfortably side by side and a neutral colorway creates a sense of space. The Lifton Home Elevator also has a completely transparent surround which allows natural light to flood through, leaving your room bright and airy.

With clean lines, minimalistic controls and an emphasis on quality over quantity – the Lifton home lift appears uncluttered and is visually calming and relaxing. Bespoke finishes are available and the Lifton residential elevators can be customized by choosing a different color lift car, rails and interior lining to suit your final project plans.

Whether you are upgrading your existing living space, future-proofing your home or researching a mobility solution – but you just cannot compromise on style – the Lifton Home Elevator is at your service.

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