Creating the home of your dreams is not all about architecture or location. A few simple luxurious upgrades of the gadgets, appliances or items of furniture in your home can make a world of difference. Here the team at Lifton Home Elevators have put together a list of easy ways to update your living space in 2021 to make your life simpler, more luxurious, and just a little bit magical.

  1. Movie theatre quality TV

The technology around TVs improves with each year that passes, be that picture and sound quality, lighting science, or even digital capability. That means that if you have not had an upgrade for a couple of years a new TV is bound to be a great investment and is sure to promote your viewing experience to another level. For the full benefit of what your new screen has to offer invest in surround sound at the same time, and immerse yourself in movie nights with the lights low and the sound high.

  1. Drinks reception area

Do you enjoy a well-mixed cocktail? Or a cool glass of champagne? What could make guests feel more looked after or your home feel more luxurious than being able to welcome visitors with a drink when they arrive? By assigning an area of your home as a drinks reception area you can add a decadent feel to even a small home. Choose a drinks trolley to display your finest glassware and choice of liquors, or opt for a larger cabinet with built in wine cooler. If space is no issue, why not incorporate a bar area to make serving all the more convenient.

  1. Home Elevator

On the luxury list, a home elevator has to be at the top as the height of convenience and opulence. Thanks to advances in elevator technology home elevators by Lifton are now more affordable for homeowners to install in their homes even in the tightest of spaces, whilst still offering sleek looks, attractive downlights, clear panels and a nearly soundless motor. An elevator in the heart of the home adds a touch of luxury without the need to remodel the whole property.


  1. Art

So often overlooked, having properly curated art on the walls is a luxurious way of putting your own personal stamp on your home. Whether you select the art pieces yourself from your travels, or you need help from a professional trained to know about art, value and curation, by adding a few valuable paintings to your home you can add depth, colour and a focal point to your spaces. Remember that the right framing is vital to bring out the best in the picture, whilst also ensuring the artwork blends into your home’s scheme.

  1. Spa shower

Start the day with a great shower and it can put you in the right frame of mind to take on the day. Current shower technology is impressive, and some state-of-the-art showers can offer you almost spa-like treats on demand. As well as adjustable water pressure and regulated temperatures, power showers now come with a range of features such as audio alerts, and LCD screens that have temperature displays. For the full spa-like experience, opt for a shower enclosure which is a self-contained unit offering steam room settings, side body jets and even light and music systems.