Lifton Home Elevators was proud to install its first residential elevator in New Jersey.

The Lifton fitted a LiftonDUO residential elevator in the Hopatcong after receiving approval from the state which have specific requirements for the installation of home elevators.

Unlike a traditional elevator lift which is bigger, more difficult to install and also often requires a substantial amount of space which many homeowners do not possess, the Lifton Home Elevator was for the perfect solution for this property in Sussex County.

It took just one day for the Lifton team to have the DUO Home Elevator installed in the home whereas old-fashioned elevator lift can take more than a week. The new owners, who considered themselves part of the rock and roll generation, decided against a stair lift as did not want a product in the home which was associated with getting old, while a traditional elevator was considered too expensive and intrusive in the home.

The homeowners were passionately pro-active about aging in place and finding a solution which would protect their lifestyle – even before they fully need them.

The design of Lifton home elevators are sleek, modern and more reflective of how the rock and roll generation would perceive themselves. It also, however, gave the owners peace of mind that they can move from floor to floor independently in their home lift without fear of falling.

At Lifton, we also believe by installing such a product as a home elevator it will add value to the home, make it more saleable and make it more marketable in the property market to senior citizens.

The elevator lift has added benefit as the Lifton residential elevator can act as the perfect dumb waiter. It can also reduce injuries caused by carrying heavy items up and down stairs – like suitcases and vacuum cleaners.

The installation at Hopatcong looked undeniably cool – which – at Lifton – we believe is exactly how today’s seniors see themselves.