Home has always been seen as a sanctuary, where you can close the door against the stressors of the world, and enjoy your own way of doing things. This past year however has seen many of us all spending more time at home than ever before.

Spending so much time in one space can leave homeowners feeling bored of their environment or even frustrated by parts of the home that do not work so well, that previously may not have been noticed.

At Lifton Home Elevators, we look at the different ways homeowners can make small changes to make sure their home environment remains the oasis they need it to be.

Zone the home

One of the biggest challenges from a year of staying-at-home more, is that for many the house suddenly has far more functions than it previously did. Rather than just relaxing, dining, and sleeping, for a lot of people the home is now the place of work, the main social hang-out (via virtual meetings), and for some even a home-school.

The ideal solution is to clearly zone the home for the different functions and be strict about how and when the spaces are used. Maybe the dining table is the new home office? Rather than sit a look at the work laptop over dinner invest in storage so that at the end of the working day your work is packed away out of sight until the morning.

Find the best spot for your social calls and make sure it is clear of debris. No one wants to be anxious about the pile of laundry in the background when enjoying a glass of wine with friends in the evening. If it is a struggle to move around the house by going up and down stairs because of mobility issue, at Lifton, over the past year we have seen many homeowners invest in one of our stylish and discreet residential elevators so, this could be another option too.

Finish the little jobs  

Everyone has that small DIY task that never got completed. Normally these projects are easy to overlook, but being at home more makes them hard to ignore, and they can start to get irritating. If it is a simple task you can do yourself then find time to get it finished. If, of course, it requires outside help make a plan of who you will call, what you need to buy and what you need to do to make it happen. That way it will not be so annoying as you know you have started to take action and it will get done as soon as it is possible.
Decorate for happiness  

Interior fashions come and go. Personal taste tends to remain more stable, as well as bringing the opportunity to create happiness. When looking at the décor of your home, think if there is a particular color you love which is missing from your home and if so aim to work it into the scheme. For example, cheer up the breakfast nook with a bright flamingo pink, or calm the den with a muted grey-blue. If painting is a step too far, why not make some small purchases to freshen up the home’s look? Decorative pillows on the couch can bring in an eye-popping color, or a pretty fresh plant can give new life to a book shelf.

Inspirational artwork

Homeowners can cheer up their walls and make themselves smile by changing the pictures they hang around the home. Artwork creates a great focal point for a room, and the options are endless. To create a calming atmosphere, choose a scenic painting with harmonious colors, or to bring more energy into a space opt for a bright abstract piece. For those less sure about pictures there are typographical prints available online with uplifting quotes and amusing sayings to suit any mood. Of course, if you want to be reminded of a place or people, you can create your own artwork by having a beloved photograph enlarged and framed.

Home comforts

Because we are living so much more of our lives within our homes, it is more important than ever that we focus on making home a space to relax when it is time to switch off. Invest in comfy throws and decorative pillows for the couch, buy in candles and string lights to help change the atmosphere of the space in the evenings to help create the illusion that you are somewhere different. Play music around the house whenever possible to bring life into the space. Create playlists of your favourite songs for energetic moments, peaceful times of day, and periods where you need a happiness boost. By making home a place you love to be, staying at home more will feel as appealing as it once did.