Like any substantial upgrade or remodelling of the home, adding a home lift to your property should be carefully considered to ensure you get the very best from your new purchase. With support from the specialists at Lifton Home Elevators taking some time to think about the details of your installation can mean that you make the most of having a residential elevator in your home. 


The positioning of your home elevator is possibly the single biggest consideration to make to ensure it is as useful and convenient as possible and makes the statement you are hoping for.

Luckily, with their state-of-the-art, self-supporting vertical rail system and minimal footprint, Lifton home lifts can be placed in almost any location around the home. Whether you wish to make a statement with your elevator’s elegant looks by having it in view of the front door or would rather have it discreetly placed in a closet, the choice is yours.

You may wish to locate your residential elevator in the void of the stairwell, keeping the hallways as the main thoroughfare, or in larger properties you may choose to position your elevator at the other end of the house creating a separate route to the second floor.

Wherever you decide to install your home lift ensure that it will be the most convenient location for your home and your lifestyle. Lifton will be able to offer advice about which locations within your home are suitable for the elevator you choose.

Décor and Lighting

Modern home elevators have been designed with aesthetics in mind. Using innovative, cutting-edge technology Lifton lifts are not just safe, reliable and quiet; they are also effortlessly elegant. With a curved profile, and attractive downlights they have been carefully considered to work with the style of any home.

Though not necessary, often customers choose to redecorate the space around their home elevator to accentuate their new feature, whether it is a front room, hallway or bedroom. To make the most of the good looks of the residential elevator an interior designer might choose to reflect aspects of the
elevator design in other areas of the room, such as using reflective surfaces, light colours or similar metals as an accent. This could be done for example through adding a crystal chandelier to the scheme, or using mirrors, or a piece of furniture in a toning light colour.

As Lifton home elevators also have an eye-catching lighting scheme of their own, this can be used to complement the lighting used in the rest of the room, in a combination of table lamps, floor lamps and dimmable spots.

Choose the right time to buy

Perhaps surprisingly, when to buy is a major factor in how to make the most of your home elevator. Many people only think to make the purchase when mobility becomes a struggle.

However, many forward-thinking customers are choosing to future-proof their home by installing a home elevator years in advance of when it would become a necessity, so they can enjoy the convenience and luxury of having an elevator in their home when their family is younger, household busier, and lifestyle more hectic.

A home lift also provides peace of mind for any unforeseen circumstances which might make climbing the stairs difficult, such as a temporary illness, a broken leg or a bad back. By buying a home elevator earlier in life means it can work harder for the family and more than earn its keep.

Use it for more

To truly make the most of your residential elevator you need to think about all the ways it can help you in the home. Customers report that they use their new purchase far more than they thought they would, and in a number of surprisingly helpful ways.

Use your elevator to help carry heavy luggage between floors, simply wheeling in, pressing the button and wheeling out again. Make washing days less arduous by sending clean laundry up in the elevator in one go, rather than taking many trips up and down the stairs. Even use the elevator to carry bulky Christmas decoration storage around the house.

Your new home elevator is as convenient for your guests as it is for you, and should any visitors have mobility difficulties a through-floor elevator is a huge bonus. Very young family members will enjoy the novelty of a home lift in the home as well as benefit from the safety of not travelling up unfamiliar stairs.