There are lots of reasons to make adaptations to a property – especially when it is your ‘forever home’ – in order to make your house more comfortable, convenient and joyful as possible.

However, while it is great to have a home tailored to your own needs, it is important to keep an eye on what changes might do to the value of your home – after all, it is a valuable asset worth protecting. Some additions to the home might not change the value, and some alterations might actually decrease the value, and these are best avoided if at all possible.

Here, the specialists at Lifton Home Elevators look at some of the top value-boosting tips to make sure your home is perfect for you, as well as still reaching its market potential.

Tidy Up Outside

When it comes to property value, first impressions really do count. Curb-appeal is one of the biggest factors affecting a property’s sale price, and so it is worth keeping on top of the front yard and entrance way. Having a smart front to the home sets the tone for the rest of the property. Front gardens tend to be more formal than back yards as they are the welcoming face of your home, so make sure that plants are kept neat and tidy, any trees are pruned, and pathways are swept and weed-free.

If the exterior of your home is looking a little tired, give it some attention by painting wooden shutters, maintaining brickwork, and repairing render as needed. Looking after the outside of your house will not only improve its value, but will save long term expenses from costly leaks and damage.

A well-turned-out house is a joy to come home to, can make you feel proud of your home and is a welcoming sight for any guests.

Kitchen and bathroom remodel

Arguably the most used rooms in the house, and those that generally require a professional to fit them, the kitchen and bathrooms are also the rooms that make or break a property’s value.

It can be tempting to leave these rooms, and live with a style that is somewhat dated, especially if you have been living in the home a long time. However,

any short-term upheaval of a bathroom or kitchen remodel is more than worth
it when you consider that with a refit you benefit not only from an up to date style, but also from having the rooms working in the best way for you. If it has been some years since the rooms were fitted, you may also find that materials and appliances have improved, meaning that your new bathroom could have a state-of-the-art power shower, for example, or your kitchen could benefit from a new energy efficient refrigerator.

Install a Home Elevator

Not all value-adding home improvements have to be run-of-the-mill. It has been shown that adding some more exclusive elements to the home can increase its value. Home elevators, which in the past may have been deemed a more ‘elite’ home addition, are now seen to add practicality to the home, and are often sought out by seniors, as well as people with busy family lives.

By adding a two-person residential elevator you can both improve the comfort and convenience of your home for yourself, whilst being reassured that it is likely to be increasing the value of your home.

Be careful however. Not all ‘wow-factor’ additions add value, especially more ‘showy’ installations such as hot tubs, and wine cellars, which generally do not benefit the value of the home.

Create a Place to Park

In a world where most households own two vehicles, houses with off street parking are often worth more than the same home without parking. If your home has street parking only, consider whether you have enough space on your front lawn to create a driveway.

Similarly, if your property has a garage, make sure it is accessible for a car to park there. The temptation is often to use a garage as another room of the house, but to add real value, having somewhere safe to park is a real selling point. Perhaps install a new garage door to make this space really easy to use. This will be of benefit to you living there, as you can unload groceries out of the car in the protection of the garage, and your car insurance premiums may go down as an added bonus of storing your car securely.

Focus on Energy Efficiency

Increasingly homebuyers are energy aware, in terms of both the environmental impact and the monthly bills. By doing all you can to make your home more energy efficient you will benefit from lower bills yourself, whilst also adding value to your property. Changes to ensure energy efficiency could

be adding or upgrading insulation, new glazed windows, and ensuring that any new appliances installed in the home have low energy consumption.