The holidays are fast approaching and many people’s thoughts are turning to welcoming guests and visitors to their homes. Christmas is a time of gathering together and enjoying each other’s company and so often that means friends and family members coming to stay for a few nights. The festive season is also about loving and giving so hosts may well be thinking about how to make guests as comfortable as they can be as they spend Christmas in another’s home.

At Lifton Home Elevators, we consider the ways a residential elevator can work hard over the holidays to make sure that all guests feel welcomed, looked after and comfortable for the ultimate Christmas break.



If you are having older parents or family members to stay over the holidays a residential elevator might be the most practical element of the home. Giving relatives the freedom to access their guest room in the upstairs of the home without needing assistance will allow all members of the household the space and independence they need, helping to create a more harmonious Christmas time for all.


Young families

For parents of younger children, staying in unfamiliar homes can come with an air of anxiety: what new hazards might there be that aren’t in their own child-proofed home? The stairs are often of particular concern, as babies and young toddlers love to explore new surroundings and a different staircase may be a novelty. It can also be a risk for parents carrying babies up unfamiliar staircases, especially in the early hours.

A home lift in a house means that there is a perfectly safe and secure way for everyone to travel between floors without risk. Older children love the excitement of a ride in a through-floor elevator too, to add to that Christmas delight.

Busy household

When the home is filled with family, having another route to travel between floors is quite a benefit. Having a residential elevator means less traffic on the
main staircase, and a calmer household as everyone can move around more easily.

Heavy lifting

With guests, comes luggage and home elevators from Lifton make easy work of taking even the heaviest bags to the upper floors of the house. An elevator minimises the lugging of bags and gifts up and down stairs meaning that the arrival and departure of family and friends is focussed on the important things.

If children are visiting, they often come with lots of equipment, large toys or travel cots which also need moving around the home. Modern home lifts, though compact, can take surprisingly large items swiftly and effortlessly to the next floor.

In addition, during the festive season there are often bulky boxes of decorations and lights, as well as Christmas presents to be moved around the home, and the home elevator is the perfect thing to help carry the load of all the extra boxes to make sure that Christmas is as simple and enjoyable as it can be.