With Christmas fast approaching, and all the little extras on the shopping list mounting up, it can become an expensive time of year. Here are five ways in which seniors can save some money this holiday season.

Make the most of our top tips from the Lifton Home Elevators team and you may find that you have a little bit more to spend on all those Christmas treats.

1. Save on the weekly groceries

Unknown to some, many grocery stores run some great discounts available just for seniors, and with the rising cost of living and food prices on the increase, cutting the monthly food budget by 5-10 per cent can make a big difference to the bank balance.

Ask at your favorite local grocery store to find out what they are offering. Often discounts are available for either 55+ or 65+ and might involve you joining a ‘VIP club’ or shopping on a certain day or time to qualify for the discount.

2. Car Insurance discounts

Put a date in the dairy for when your car insurance expires, and make sure you take your time to shop around. There are lots of deals out there for safe drivers who are over 55. It is a perk to all that driving experience you have accumulated and you deserve to be rewarded by the insurance companies for that.

3. Get out and about for free

Seniors who are planning a trip or just like getting out and exploring, could consider getting a ‘Senior Pass’. Over 2,000 recreation sites across the U.S. including national parks are now accessible for free to anyone over 62 holding a pass. These passes are offered by the government to US citizens and permanent residents.

For just $80 you can get a lifetime pass which also allows free entry to a travelling companion, which is a great way to save money, whilst expanding your horizons.

4. Eat out and save

As with grocery stores, many restaurants great discounts for seniors too. With most major US restaurant brands offering between 10-15 per cent off food bills, or free drinks, to those aged over 55 or 65, it is an opportunity to save lots of money when you’re out for a festive celebration or just feel like a night out.

5. Rest easy with hotel discounts

Travelling as a senior offers its own financial benefits with major discounts on hotel rooms, rental cars and flights. Many big-name U.S.-wide hotel brands offer discounts of up to 30 per cent for seniors, so check before you travel to make some huge savings as well as great new memories on your Christmas trip this year.