One of the many aspects of normal life for many Americans is the ability to participate in our chosen form of exercise. Many of us appreciate the need to practice weight bearing exercise for the benefit of healthy bone density, cardiovascular health and mental well-being. For a lot of us, our preferred way to exercise is also a social opportunity. Yoga classes, pilates, zumba, swimming and so forth are all wonderfully dual purpose for the social catch up as well as the physical benefits. However, if it is not possible to get out and attend regular classes or engage in other activities, exercising at home can also be fun and a great way to stay fit and healthy. Here at Lifton Home Elevators, we have put together this post which we hope our customers might find useful.

Where walking is an option, step it up

Many Americans tend to use their vehicles for those daily errands we run and often, we do not get a particularly high step count because of it. If you live somewhere that enables you to take a walk outside then this can be a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the benefits of fresh air at the same time. If you have a pet, walking a dog at a nice park can also be enjoyable way of keeping fit. If the sun is out, the Vitamin D will be a benefit to health and well-being too.

Virtual classes and online exercise

Today is the golden age of online fitness. Online apps and You Tube offer everything from cardio dance classes to Pilates and even spin classes are available to participate in from home if you have the right equipment. You might find a new style that you love and tone and train a few muscles that your usual regime is not quite doing. Not to mention that unlike getting to the gym, you can run a routine you like from You Tube whenever in the day it would best suit you to work out.

Use what you have

Many of us used to home exercise at some stage or another in the past. Perhaps you still have a mini trampoline, a yoga DVD, or something you used to enjoy. It is always recommended to take it gently, remind yourself of the moves or the routine first and adapt if your needs or exercise tolerance levels have changed. Or, you can find a wealth of gentle exercise routines online with more springing up all the time from helpful video bloggers aware of the current need. Many need no equipment at all. A simple Google search for ‘gentle exercise routines for seniors’ will leave you spoiled for choice.


The constancy of nature is more reassuring than ever. Even if you normally leave the yard work to others, in the absence of other options, gardening is a great way to get some of the benefits of exercise. If you are physically able, an hour of weeding, raking, mowing the lawn, all of these things will burn calories and get the heart pumping.

Introduce exercise to your daily tasks

Americans can even just make sure they are keeping up a level of physical activity as part of a normal routine. Familiarize ourselves with some suitable moves, such as squats, lunges and stretches and try to remember to do them when you are performing normal everyday tasks like emptying the washer drier. Or keep a shoulder joint mobile by wiping your windows and cleaning the mirrors once a week. Challenge yourself to do this with both hands to get equal exercise to both.