When home elevators were considered ‘new technology’ they were thought to be an option only for wealthy people with mobility difficulties and affluent seniors. However, as elevator mechanisms and designs have been upgraded and enhanced, and become easily obtainable for all homes, owners of residential elevators have found a surprising range of unexpected benefits. Customers at Lifton Home Elevators often speak of how their new purchase has not just changed their home, it has changed their lives.


  1. Perfect for a range of visitors

Although homeowners consider their own needs within the home, often they forget about the requirements of their visitors. One of the surprising benefits of installing a home elevator is just how much easier it makes the life of certain guests. Customers with a new home elevator realise that they can accommodate elderly relatives or friends with mobility difficulties without having to make huge adjustments to the home, or feeling awkward that the property is not accessible as it could be. Likewise, a residential elevator makes life much easier for those visitors with babies, for transporting their baby equipment around the house, and safely carrying their baby between floors.


  1. A stylish addition

Anyone who has thought of installing a stair lift on their staircase will likely be thinking of waving goodbye to a sense of style in their home. Known for their functional and awkward shape and unaesthetic design, the seated stair lift detracts from even the most stylish of hallways. This is where a home elevator makes a huge difference. The new generation of residential elevators for the home are sleek and elegant and add a ‘wow factor’ to any property. Homeowners can show their elevator off with pride, knowing it enhances and heightens the stylishness of the home.


  1. Whisper quiet

A quiet home is a peaceful home and customers of new ultra-compact home elevators are often taken aback by just how quiet their new addition is. In a busy family home, it is easy to grow used to the sound of other people marching up and down the stairs; a noise level accepted as necessary in a full house.

Modern residential elevators are so quiet that they cut out much unnecessary sound, reducing the noise levels of the home. This is particularly useful when the elevator is used at night time or early in the morning and other members of the household are asleep.


  1. Complements any décor

Whether modern, traditional or eclectic interior design style, we all have our idea of what makes a beautiful home. What is surprising about the new design of home elevators is that their sleek and state-of-the-art looks complement any home design style. With clear ‘invisible’ panels and clever use of lighting, some of the home lifts almost seem to ‘disappear’ within a room, and others with complementary panel designs simply blend in. New residential elevator owners often comment on how it looks as though the elevator has always been part of the home, rather than being a new addition.


5) Adds value to home

Adding accessibility measures to the home often leads to the concern that the home will lose value. With a home elevator, the opposite can be true. Realtors have said that the addition of a home elevator can increase the value of a property. Because of their attractive looks and how practical they are for owners of all ages and life stages, homes with an elevator can be in demand, so making them easier to sell.