Labor Day originated in the late 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution was at its height and Americans were forced to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to earn enough wages for basic living. Children as young as 5 were working in mills and mines. Labor unions recognised this and started rallies and protests to change these working conditions.

Labor Day is a federal holiday created by the Labour movement in 1894 and occurs on the first Monday in September. In 2019, Labor Day falls on September 2nd. Labor Day symbolises better working conditions for Americans and the end of the summer. It’s celebrated with parades, parties, fireworks and other events.

Here are 5 things to do on Labor Day:

Visit a local parade

Many cities hold an annual parade to celebrate Labor Day. Everybody loves a parade and they are loads of fun to watch and free to attend. Whether you are taking part or watching, you won’t be short of things to do from enjoying the bands, to the balloons, the fantastic costumes and of course, the buzzing atmosphere and the music.

Attend a farmer’s market

Why not celebrate Labor Day by visiting a farmer’s market. Whilst these events began small with a handful of farmers selling farm-fresh produce direct to the public, there are now some huge, well anticipated events with dozens of stalls to check out where shoppers can take their pick from seasonal eggs, cheeses, meats, herbs, flowers, wines, and delicious, gourmet food produce.


As darkness falls, city skylines come alive with spectacular firework displays on Labor Day. Whether put on by the local community, or you are enjoying fireworks in your own backyard, it’s never one not to be missed. So if you love noise and colour – this is the event for you! There will also be firework displays which are suitable for children; still with plenty of sparkle, but a little less bang!

Arts and Crafts

This is an activity for the whole family and gives seniors an opportunity to enjoy time with the younger generation. Creating cards, posters and flags using the signature red, white and blue colors will certainly get your creative juices flowing and make a perfect gift to give loved ones or make fantastic party decorations.

Attend a museum

One for the whole family, many museums will be holding special exhibitions or events with entertainment, demonstrations and hands-on, interactive activities which are great for kids. You’ll spend a fun day together, whilst learning something new about the history of your country.