It is that time of year when we all start remembering accomplishments in 2019 and thinking about how we might do better and be healthier in the coming year. Here are five things you could consider for 2020:

Fall proof your home

One third of all serious falls come from hazards around the home. As we age, that momentary loss of balance or footing can cause bigger issues than it once may have. Take whatever preventative measures you can to prevent any potential falls in your home and do your best to ensure that 2020 is accident free. If mobility is a concern, or the stairs in your home are becoming a difficulty make 2020 the year you future proof your home by introducing a home elevator or residential elevator.

Even if you do not quite need it yet for mobility concerns, it could make getting the laundry up and down stairs so much easier this year and give you real peace of mind as you age, knowing that your home is still suited to you. It is sure to be one of those things you’ll be glad you did!

Organise those photos

Is there anyone who does not have either heaps of photographs waiting to be put in albums, or hundreds stored on our computer, waiting to be printed out and enjoyed? You may even have old photos full of information or stories about family and friends that your children and grandchildren do not know. Make sure your family heritage is preserved by sorting through photos and lablling them, or put them in albums so they can be enjoyed by others.

Get Affairs in Order

Make life easier for yourself by collecting and organizing all your important documents related to finances, legal paperwork and so on. Whilst doing so, check that any renewal dates are on your calendar and you are all set for the year ahead. Knowing its done can ensure that at times of stress, you do not add to it by struggling to locate what may be needed.

Keep moving

Staying active is the secret to feeling young. You need not go to the gym or rush out to purchase special equipment. A daily walk with a spouse, neighbor or friend, a weekly Pilates or yoga class or some gentle swimming is enough to keep the body active and does wonders for your overall well-being.

Eat well
Being healthy does not mean giving up everything you love but look at whatever simple switches you can make to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet. You could even join a cookery class or find a You Tube channel to follow for inspiration. If there is a farmers market near you, pay it a visit to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember too to drink more water, your body will certainly thank you for it.