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The Lifton Home Elevator is the Jewel in the Crown

Lifton Home Elevators is enormously proud that one of our residential elevators has been selected to be installed at the country home of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from the UK on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. As widely reported in the worldwide media, the Queen...

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Why ‘Home Elevators’ are the New Stair Lifts

There was a time when a stair lift may have been the only option you had to give you the freedom of movement around your home. Today home elevators with their sleek appearance and tech-lead design are by far the most appealing alternative to the stairs. Here, we round...

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How To Make The Most of Your Home Elevator

Like any substantial upgrade or remodelling of the home, adding a home lift to your property should be carefully considered to ensure you get the very best from your new purchase. With support from the specialists at Lifton Home Elevators taking some time to think...

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Five Reasons Home Elevators are Growing in Popularity

The number of people making home improvements has sky-rocketed in recent times, with the most popular adaptations being new bathrooms, kitchens and loft conversions. In line with this, reports show that home elevators are more popular than ever before, with homeowners...

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Five Ways to Future-Proof the Home

Future-proofing is when homeowners make adjustments to their home now, ready for when they are in their senior years, enabling them to ‘age in place’ in the family home. Although it can seem a strange concept to make changes to the home before you need them, many say...

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Five Ways a Home Elevator Can Change Your Life

When home elevators were considered ‘new technology’ they were thought to be an option only for wealthy people with mobility difficulties and affluent seniors. However, as elevator mechanisms and designs have been upgraded and enhanced, and become easily obtainable...

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How to Add Value to Your Home (While Enjoying Living In It)

There are lots of reasons to make adaptations to a property – especially when it is your ‘forever home’ – in order to make your house more comfortable, convenient and joyful as possible. However, while it is great to have a home tailored to your own needs, it is...

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Five Ways To Make Sure Your Home Works As Hard As You Do

Five Ways To Make Sure Your Home Works As Hard As You Do For many homebuyers, the size of a property is often top of the list of selling points when selecting a new home. And as everyone knows as a general rule square footage equals higher value. Over the past year...

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Why Spring Is the Healthiest Season

It is a widely accepted truth that we all feel happier in the spring, and that it is the season that brings hope and fresh beginnings. After a long, dark winter it is not hard to see why we look forward to this season with its longer days, warmer weather, flowers and...

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