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Ten Ways to Get Creative at Home

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have found themselves spending much more time at home, and with plenty of time to fill, are looking for new hobbies and activities. With psychologists suggesting that creativity can be therapeutic in all sorts of...

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Why a Home Elevator is an Ideal Alternative to a Stair Lift

For less able-bodied people, the past few months of the global pandemic have highlighted that staying safe in the home is of paramount importance. Many individuals with reduced mobility will have had to spend longer inside their houses because of lockdown restrictions...

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Five Ways to Exercise at Home

One of the many aspects of normal life for many Americans is the ability to participate in our chosen form of exercise. Many of us appreciate the need to practice weight bearing exercise for the benefit of healthy bone density, cardiovascular health and mental...

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Safety Features you will LOVE about the Lifton Home Elevator!

Customers are often interested in the various safety elements of the new Lifton Home Elevator. We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record, thanks to the comprehensive range of integrated safety features which one would expect from a quality residential...

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Five Resolutions for Seniors in 2020

It is that time of year when we all start remembering accomplishments in 2019 and thinking about how we might do better and be healthier in the coming year. Here are five things you could consider for 2020: Fall proof your homeOne third of all serious falls come from...

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Five Wise Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

We all feel the cold during the winter, some more than others. However, just being very cold can also make you feel unwell. Seniors can lose body heat much faster than younger adults so, here at Lifton Home Elevators, we have comprised five wise ways to help keep warm...

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Why is Thanksgiving so late this year?

From early fall many people Google 'What day is Thanksgiving this year?' and it can seem somewhat of a (literally) movable feast. This year, more people than normal might be questioning the date, as it falls unfeasibly late in the year, on November, 28. But as the...

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Five Ways To Keep The Winter Blues At Bay

As we enter the autumnal months and daylight hours get shorter, it is common, especially for seniors and older people, to start suffering from the ‘winter blues’. Once there was just an understanding that wintertime can make people feel a bit down, but there is now...

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Five Things to Do This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day originated in the late 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution was at its height and Americans were forced to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to earn enough wages for basic living. Children as young as 5 were working in mills and mines. Labor unions...

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Five Ways To Boost Your Social Life in Your Senior Years

One of the most enjoyable ways to look after your brain health in older age is to socialize more. The simple act of meeting with people, talking over the day’s activities, hobbies you’ve got in common or big plans and ideas, will give the brain a work-out in a way...

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How To Deal With the Diagnosis of a Degenerative Illness

Being diagnosed with any long term condition or illness can be a stressful and emotional time, with lots of information to take on board, and concern about the future. When that diagnosis is for an illness which may affect your long term mobility and health, it can...

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