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How To Future Proof Your Home With A Lifton Home Elevator

The definition of 'future proofing' is to anticipate the future and develop methods of minimizing the effects of the shocks or stresses of future events. Increasingly home owners are taking a positive and practical approach to the future and safeguarding their...

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How Do You Install A Lifton Home Elevator?

Private home elevators are officially on trend watch as real estate becomes more luxurious and homeowners look for their residences to be more accommodating and accessible to their needs. Conceptualized as a through the floor home lift, the elegant residential...

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Home Elevator Lift Prices: How Much Does A Home Elevator Cost?

Home Elevator Lift Prices: How Much Does A Home Elevator Cost In The USA? A home elevator is no longer a luxury purchase for the super-rich. Home lifts are becoming more versatile, more flexible and more affordable. Breaking new ground in this field is Lifton where we...

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The Lifton Home Lift is a simple yet very elegant solution to making your home easier to live in

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