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How to Elevate Your Holiday Season This Year

Every year, Thanksgiving for many of us marks the start of the holiday season, when we embrace having family and friends gather in our homes to enjoy the festive season together. For many of us it is a very special time of year; a chance to see loved ones, catch up,...

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Four Ways to Give Your Home Autumnal Comfort and Style

As the nights start to draw in, there is a chill in the air and the shops jump straight from Halloween treats to setting out their festive fare, many of us start to survey our homes with an eye on comfort and warmth. Most homeowners want a space that will feel...

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Why Choose a Stylish Home Elevator for Your Home?

A residential elevator is the perfect solution for those experiencing difficulties with mobility around the home or problems climbing the stairs. At Lifton home elevators, the brand has seen the huge uplift of customers seeking our state-of-the-art products....

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Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall We know the cosy season is upon us when the nights draw in, the leaves fall and the weather cools. Fall dictates a natural shift in our lives too, as we choose steaming mugs of chai latte over iced smoothies, and soft, chunky...

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Five Fantastic Features of a Lifton Home Elevator

Home elevators offer a way to add luxury to any property whilst improving access to all levels of the home. State of the art design mean that modern residential elevators also incorporate incredibly advanced features and benefits that customers might not expect –...

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The Lifton Home Elevator is the Jewel in the Crown

Lifton Home Elevators is enormously proud that one of our residential elevators has been selected to be installed at the country home of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from the UK on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. As widely reported in the worldwide media, the Queen...

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Why ‘Home Elevators’ are the New Stair Lifts

There was a time when a stair lift may have been the only option you had to give you the freedom of movement around your home. Today home elevators with their sleek appearance and tech-lead design are by far the most appealing alternative to the stairs. Here, we round...

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How To Make The Most of Your Home Elevator

Like any substantial upgrade or remodelling of the home, adding a home lift to your property should be carefully considered to ensure you get the very best from your new purchase. With support from the specialists at Lifton Home Elevators taking some time to think...

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Five Reasons Home Elevators are Growing in Popularity

The number of people making home improvements has sky-rocketed in recent times, with the most popular adaptations being new bathrooms, kitchens and loft conversions. In line with this, reports show that home elevators are more popular than ever before, with homeowners...

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